90 Miles From Tyranny : 10 Insane, Over-The-Top Ways People Have Taken Revenge

Saturday, February 17, 2018

10 Insane, Over-The-Top Ways People Have Taken Revenge

Revenge is in our blood. It is it in our nature—when somebody hurts us, we want them to feel what they put us through. We want justice to be served.

But for some people, the penalty of the law is not enough. They want the people who hurt them to suffer, beyond the weight of their crimes. Some people have put a little creativity into it and claimed their revenge in some brutal ways. 

10 Katie's Revenge

Katie Collman was ten years old when she disappeared. For five days, her family and the police looked everywhere for her, praying they could bring her back alive. When they finally found her, though, she floating lifelessly down a creek. She had been abducted by a man named Anthony Ray Stockelman, who repeatedly molested her before he murdered her and threw her body away.

Stockelman was arrested and convicted, and most thought the story would end there. He would spend his time in prison and the family would move on.

Katie’s cousin Jared Harris, though, had no intentions of moving on—and he was in the perfect place to make Stockelman suffer. Jared was in jail, serving time on burglary charges. When Stockelman was moved into his prison, he jumped on the opportunity to get revenge.

While the guards were distracted, Harris cornered Stockelman. He clutches his right hand around his throat and told him, “I’m either gonna stick you and leave you bleeding or I’m gonna tattoo you.” Stockelman, terrified for his life, stood still while Harris used a make-shift needle to tattoo a message onto his head.

For the rest of his life, Stockelman would have the words “Katie’s Revenge” written on his head, to ensure that every inmate who saw him knew he had a raped and murdered a ten-year-old girl.

9Alam Khan’s 12 Year Wait for Revenge
When Alam Khan was 12 years old, he watched his father get murdered before his eyes. His killer was Mohammad Rais, someone they had thought of as a family friend. Khan was devastated, but he was only a child. There was nothing he could do—for the time being.

For the next 12 years, Khan plotted before he took his revenge. Finally, when he was 24, he lured Mohammad Rais to his home, pretending he needed a repairman. Once inside, Khan fed liquor to his father’s killer until he was too drunk to move. Then he played some music, turned up as loud as it could go. He did not want anyone to hear Rais’s screams.

Khan stabbed Rais again and again until he stopped moving. Then he grabbed a hammer and a hacksaw and cut his body up. He chopped it up into twelve pieces—one for each year he had waited.

“I waited twelve years to realize my dreams,” Khan told the police when he confessed. He felt no remorse, he told them. He was just happy it was over.

8Azerbaijan Eye-For-An-Eye

One of the earliest concepts of justice calls for an eye-for-an-eye. It seems like a simple enough idea—if someone is convicted of murder, they should be killed. But what happens if someone is convicted of rape?

One man in Azerbaijan took this concept literally. His eight-year-old child had gone through unimaginable horrors. He was lured into a truck by a stranger who beat him and violently raped him.

A passerby saw what was happening and intervened, threatening to tell everyone what had happened. For a moment, the boy thought he was saved—but the second man did not have any interest in protecting him. He just wanted in. When the first man was done, the second man raped the boy as well.

When the boy’s father found out, he swore revenge. But he did it in a way nobody else would even think of doing. He did not call the police. Instead, he organized a gang, tracked down the man who had abused his child and took an eye-for-an-eye. He did to him exactly what he had done to his son—the father revenge-raped his son’s rapist, filmed it with his cell phone and shared the video across the country.

7Bonita Lynn Vela’s Box Cutter Attack

Vela and her friends, in the height of a drug binge, grabbed the boy and held him captive inside of her trailer. She demanded to know if he had molested her son. The boy insisted he had not, but it did not do him any good. Vela’s mind was made up. She did not believe him.Bonita Lynn Vela suspected that her daughter’s new boyfriend had molested her two-year-old son, but she did not have any proof. She did not know what to do—until she got high enough to go a little crazy.

She pulled out a box cutter and ordered him to take his pants off. If he did not, she warned him, she would “take him out, shoot him in the head, and tie him to the tree so the animals would eat him.” The boy, frightened for his life, obeyed, and Vela cut...Read More HERE

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