90 Miles From Tyranny : Hey, NeverTrumps, Where Would We Be with Hillary Clinton Right Now?

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Hey, NeverTrumps, Where Would We Be with Hillary Clinton Right Now?

Will the NeverTrumps ever come to the realization that President Trump is executing the conservative agenda most of them have been dreaming about for the past three decades? Finally, the answer to their prayers is here, yet many NeverTrumps like Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin continue to slam this administration.

What will it actually take to get these nitpicking resisting NeverTrumps to taper down their sour-grapes anti-Trump rhetoric? Please, we implore you to look in the mirror and maybe just come to grips with reality. Your fellow conservatives on the right are asking you kindly to please stop going after a president who is doing positive things for our country.

Reality tells us President Trump is governing well right of center. The unemployment rate is low, consumer confidence is high, and the stock market has soared to record highs. In addition, Trump has placed a stellar constitutional conservative in Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court with another conservative justice on the way.

GDP growth is now exploding. President Trump is standing up to the globalists in the European Union while also attempting to denuclearize North Korea. America is no longer apologizing to the world, but again leading the world with a president who believes in American exceptionalism.

Massive numbers of job-killing Obama EPA regulations have been reversed. The U.S. is now actually on track to become number one in oil production very soon, another positive thing that will promote more U.S. job growth. Trump has also instituted an economy-revitalizing phase-one tax cut with more ensuing phases on the way. Are you paying attention, NeverTrumps? The forty-fifth president of the United States has made the U.S. respectable again, crushing the terror group ISIS in less than a year. The U.S. border is no longer wide open, and, slowly but surely, a wall is being built.

Where would we be with Hillary Clinton right now? Probably still stagnating within the two-percent GDP growth Obama attempted to make the "new normal." Is it far-fetched to think Loretta Lynch would be a current justice on the Supreme Court with another leftist justice on the way? Would James Comey now be the sitting U.S. attorney general and possibly...

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