Friday, July 13, 2018


An appeal to American blacks.

Arabs and Muslims have black slaves today and hardly anyone, especially the leftist class which preens about its devotion to human rights, is screaming about this. In five African nations — Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Nigeria, and Sudan — blacks serve Arab/Muslim masters. They are bought and sold like furniture. They are worked until they drop, tortured, raped, forcibly converted to Islam, and murdered. This has been going on for many years, but it only occasionally makes today’s headlines.

This is an open secret. Anyone can Google “blacks sold as slaves in Libya” and see video of slave markets. I know Africans from Sudan and Nigeria and Mauritania who want to tell this story but they cannot get platforms. Below is a short clip of the testimony of an escaped slave from Sudan, Francis Bok. Here is his incredible story told in long form. I have decided to help these people tell their story. The people who need to hear it most are American blacks. Please support our effort by contacting us at Americans for Peace and Tolerance.

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  1. Ah, but just like everything else, it's all Whitey's fault!

  2. Just as taxing us to "help" the poor rather than give of their own money, to a leftist not paying for a woman's "right to abortion" is slavery not what we see in Africa. How can one expect real compassionate morality from leftists who believe that socialism which was responsible for the murder of over 100 million people in the last century and abortion which presently kills about 6-800,000 babies a year? Their "compassion" extends only as far as it begins to interrupt their lifestyle and their morality goes only as far as it provides them with political power. Just look how quickly they turn from one "outrage" to the next without missing a beat to understand if there's nothing in it for them the left just doesn't care.

  3. Ask yourself this: If the slave masters and slave dealers were WHITE how much hysteria would the leftists of Western Civilization bring to bear? They would be marching in the streets because in their bigoted anti white anti Western Civ brain slavery only counts if it's white people doing it. Their contempt for Caucasians, Christians and Free Markets are only matched by their abject loathing of any system built on Liberty.