90 Miles From Tyranny : AARP throws senior citizens to the wolves in the name of profits.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

AARP throws senior citizens to the wolves in the name of profits.

AARP makes only about 20% of its revenue from membership dues, while it makes 34% of its profits from its healthcare insurance business. AARP's percentage of healthcare insurance profits is about to increase dramatically under Obamacare due to it's lobbying against its own memberships interests.

The AARP has carved out some nice loopholes for itself in order to increase profits from seniors. By suppressing reforms that would have lowered seniors premiums by $415.00 per year, AARP gets to increase its profits. AARP also lobbied to keep its own administrative costs exempt from new rules to lower them. This increases profits to AARP and increases costs to seniors.

Because the majority of AARP's revenue depends on insurance profits from senior citizens, it cannot function as an advocacy group for senior citizens. This conflict of interest does not serve senior citizens, AARP lobbies in the name of senior citizens against the interests of senior citizens. AARP stands to make billions of dollars in profits on the backs of senior citizens.

What Can You Do?
Switch any insurance you may have away from AARP. Do not renew your membership with AARP. There are many other senior advocacy groups that are actual advocates for seniors, find one that suits your needs. The fastest growing senior advocacy group is American Seniors Association at: http://www.americanseniors.org/ .

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