90 Miles From Tyranny : My view on climate change.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My view on climate change.

First of all, let's start with the term "Climate Change". Does anybody dispute climate change is occurring? I have never heard an argument stating that our Earth has a static climate. This is what the left has retreated to, they went from the term Global Warming to the term Climate Change because they simply could not argue that the earth was warming once their fake data manipulation was exposed.

Now whether the earth is warming or not is not a disputable fact, it is either warming or it is not warming.  How we measure worldwide temperature is another issue.  With new technologies, we have new ways to measure the changing temperature, these new technologies (like satellite) cannot however measure the past, so we have to transition older measuring tools to new measuring tools.  Here is where we have disputes and the potential for biased methods of transitioning the old data to the new data.  The people who are responsible for the data are dependent on funding from pro anthropogenic climate change organizations, this is akin to tobacco executives reporting the cancer rate of people who smoke cigarettes.
NONE OF THIS has anything to do with whether or not activities of mankind is affecting the climate of the Earth.  The facts are that the Earth has been warming and cooling all on its own for billions of years. The Earth has been warmer than it is now before humans existed and it has been cooler than it is now. The earth is a living planet that has its own mechanisms and cycles, it is our arrogance that allows us to believe that we affect the balance of this celestial body.
High Priest AlGore
Everything I have read from "Scientists" is always an opinion piece that obscures the facts by cleverly interchanging the terms Global Warming, Climate Change and anthropogenic climate change.  They have no proof for anthropogenic climate change, thus they obscure the argument.

I would not care about any of this if this reckless theory was not helping to usher in the demise of western civilization.  The entropic forces that wrestle with western civilization like Global Warming, Socialism and media malfeasance threaten modern civilization.  Fight entropy, reject the religion of warming.

I welcome anyone to submit an article that proves anthropogenic climate change, I have yet to see one.   I will not blindly follow opinions from people I do not trust, Neither should you.


c w swanson said...

Al Gore: prophet of doom. What a humiliating comedown from being Vice President to selling snake oil.

Mike Miles said...

He is a profiteer from this ruse, pining for Cap and Trade to reward his own infrastructure and the big banks.

Unknown said...

Man's behavior is not responsible for climate change but there are 'forces' who are indeed manipulating the climate to suit their evil agendas. Have you been noticing all the 'chem trails'? Better known as "reflective aerosols" they are being sprayed to supposedly curb global warming. Unfortunately, they are poisoning us in the process. Take the time to watch this video by Dan Williams, a very brave man:http://youtu.be/1x8BVyodH0Y