90 Miles From Tyranny : 5 Emergency Uses for Paracord

Saturday, January 19, 2013

5 Emergency Uses for Paracord

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skybill said...

Hi Mike,
Yup, good old type III!! BTW the gutted sheath is referred to as type IIA and the paracord with the broken black spiral in the sheath (That is Type II) has 5 strands and used to be rated at 350lbs. but since has been upgraded to 400lbs. The sheath only is 250 lbs. the plain white cord can also be easily dyed to any color! O.D. can be dyed black easily but you have to use a bit more "Rit" dye or it will have a purple tinge to it. FYI the colored strand is an identifier for who the manufacturer was and nothing else! Paracord also makes great boot laces and looks really good when ya' do the old Airborne "hook and ladder" lacing like we useta' do back in the early daze of Skydiving!!! Paracord is great stuff but don't pass up any of the newer stuff, the Kevlar, Spectra and othrer cords!!! Most of those are 75-15 "Braded Coreless" like water ski rope. Have fun.
skybill "The old Rigger" -out

See you at the Dropzone!!