90 Miles From Tyranny : The Un-Fair Campaign

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Un-Fair Campaign

A new Campaign from leftist residents of Duluth, Minn., formed the Un-Fair Campaign to help Whites in their community recognize their “white privilege” and encourage "racial justice". The group set up a number of billboards, such as “It’s Hard To See Racism When You’re White,” around the community.

With other billboards asking, “Is White Skin Really Fair Skin?” many of Duluth’s White residents were reportedly angered by the displays, complaining they are being indiscriminately upbraided for racism.

Hundreds of the city’s white residents have complained that the campaign’s kick-off images and messages are offensive. The campaign, they say, blames all racism on whites and implies that white people aren’t smart enough to recognize racism.

The Social Justice Movement is gaining steam and pushing its boundaries with this and the Check Your Privilege campaign.  There is genuine fear to call out these groups lest you be branded with their racist slurs.

Here is a list of the co-conspirators and enablers of these vicious hate groups:

Campaign Partners
Central Labor Body: www.laborworld.org/clb_home.htm
CHUM (Churches United In Ministry):www.chumduluth.org
City of Duluth (Mayor’s Office, Human Rights Commision, American Indian Commision) http://www.duluthmn.gov/
Clayton, Jackson, McGhie Memorial Inc.: www.claytonjacksonmcghie.org
Community Action Duluth: www.communityactionduluth.org
Domestic Abuse Intervention Project: www.theduluthmodel.org
Lake Superior College: www.lsc.edu
League of Women Voters: www.lwvduluth.org
Luthern Social Service – Duluth Services: www.lssmn.org
Men as Peacemakers: www.menaspeacemakers.org
NAACP: www.naacp.org
Peace Church UCC: www.peaceucc.org
St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services: www.stlouiscountymn.gov
University of Wisconsin Superior: www.uwsuper.edu

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  1. Remember, only Whitey is a moral actor. Only Whitey makes choices. Everyone else is a VICTIM!!!!11one of Whitey's RACIST choices.

    The fact that this renders nonwhites the moral equivalent of infants or animals is pretty hilarious.

    Just more doublethink from the usual duckspeakers. Remember, OLDTHINKERS UNBELLYFEEL INGSOC


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