90 Miles From Tyranny : The Tyranny Of South American Pastry

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Tyranny Of South American Pastry

Living in South Florida means an immersion in South American/Latin/Spanish Culture. There is a wealth of different South American/Latin countries represented here: Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Argentina among others. The Latin pastry shops are taking over and when Latin-American coworkers bring in pastries, they tend to select Latin American/Spanish pastries. One particular oddity about South American pastry is that you can get any fruit you want in a pastry, as long as it is guava. Guava is not a good tasting fruit. Apple you ask? Not offered, not baked. Cherry? nope, nada, nunca. The only fruit pastry they make is guava. When you bite into a guava pastry, you are expecting a tasty treat as the color is somewhere in between cherry and raspberry, you bite expectantly and bam, it hits you, actually it more likely fails to hit you; it is not particularly tangy or sweet, it is kind of bland with a slightly unpleasant taste, not real bad, but not something you would choose to eat barring being marooned on a lonely desert island with no food.

We need a little fruit diversity down here.

Can someone please invent a guava virus that destroys all guava fruit so we can get some good pastry down here? I'm begging.

Pictured on the right:  The oppressively bad tasting guava fruit. Yucky.

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