90 Miles From Tyranny : Rachel Maddow Show Aids Tyranny By Self Censoring News About Eric Holder

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rachel Maddow Show Aids Tyranny By Self Censoring News About Eric Holder

I thought of a couple of titles for this article:

-The Wicked Witch Of The Left Neither See's, Hear's nor Reports Obama Administration Evil
-The name "Eric Holder" is the new Voldemort for the Rachel Maddow Show

I Tivo Rachel Maddow.  I occasionally watch this show that never lets facts get in the way of a good story.  Rachel Maddow is fundamentally dishonest.  She will twist facts, omit context, attack straw-men  and use every trick in the book to promote leftist ideas, and in that promote the Obama Administration.

When she opened last night, she reported on fires and explosions, I waited to see how the Republicans were responsible for these, but it never came.  She was filling time in order to not report on Eric Holder, The AP scandal, Benghazi, the attack and use of government against political opponents, including the FBI, the Justice Department, the EPA, the IRS and, well I probably left out a few.

Try to imagine a Republican administration with the same scandals going on and Rachel Maddow self censoring on it. Impossible.  This propaganda arm of the Obama Administration is clearly afraid of these stories, so afraid, that they cannot even report it to their dedicated low information listeners.

Maddow then unearthed Bob Dole in a long, drawn out story and attempted to make him a current, recent politician in order to compare him dis-favorably with the current Republican party.

Bob Dole?  This committed leftist will go to any length to avoid talking about the biggest stories of our day.

Every day MSNBC discredits itself and shows it will ignore creeping tyranny as long as it is coming from the left.  When you are already part of the propaganda arm of the left, the prospect of crushing liberty and expanding government is merely a form of job security.


  1. So, she went to grad school on a scholarship founded, funded and named after a racist warmonger. How... progressive...


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