90 Miles From Tyranny : A day on a river.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A day on a river.

Well the bass fishing is not going so well.   However we catch a lot of blue gill which we set upon the grill last night. Nice tasting fish. We kayaked up a fresh water spring also with crystal clear water.  At the source is pure aqua marine colored water coming up enough to create a current.  We snorkeled down in to the hole that the spring comes from.  Big fish all around. The water is cold and refreshing. 72 degrees all year round too cold for alligators and water mocassins, perfect for swimming and outdoor fun.  Our houseboat is seemingly running low on water so we are considering pumping in fresh water from the spring.  Not sure how we are low as we bathe in the springs and are using little water. We feast every night swim fish and frolic by day. This is a kings life. 

Data and Internet is almost non existent. Even cell coverage is often at zero. iPhone blogging is my only option. With send and hope coverage.  

From the wilderness with most of the comforts of home. 


  1. Dam - nation! That does sound beyond awesome. Post a picture of that spring

  2. Definitely need pictures .........;)


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