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Friday, June 28, 2013

Leftist Idiocy...


  1. Sorry, I ain't a leftist by any stretch of the imagination ! But Romney sold a whole lot more jobs overseas than he ever created here...and that is exactly why he lost !

    1. There are meny reasons why he lost. As a businessman his job was to make money. He did. If he was elected President, his job would have been to get the economy working again.

      There is no arguement that can be made that he would not have done ten times better than the filthy marxist bastard that is in office now.

  2. There is only one reason why Romney lost. Apparently zombies vote for the democrat. 120% voter turnout in some districts? How does that happen? Fraud, that's how. The election was compromised. That filthy marxist bastard has no business in the position he's in and no clue how to handle it.

  3. I maintain that cheap energy or the lack of it is pretty much the cause of the downhill slide of our economy. Look at the numbers, price of energy VS economy, pretty straight forward.
    Yes , politicians play a factor, but not nearly as much as most would give them credit for.


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