90 Miles From Tyranny : Our Most Precious Gift: Freedom...

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Our Most Precious Gift: Freedom...


  1. This kind of blustery chest thumping makes me angry. The Progressives don't care, as they fully plan to shoot and stuff any eagle that wants to puff about it's freedom and liberty. If the administration can sell guns to Mexican drug lords, let our own die in Benghazi, politicize the IRS, the MSM, the NPS and Justice department, and all the other many and various outrages they have committed, they will have no scruple in doing something very unpleasant to all those eagles who would think to challenge them. It over, Americans. They are executing a plan to destroy this country, and they will ultimately execute all of us as well, as soon as they want to. The Communists have won, with the help of all the parasites and the apathetic and the delusional.

  2. Note the shackle and chain on the eagle's left leg. Bird must be owned by the NPS


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