90 Miles From Tyranny : Amazon Prime Bashes Republicans with its new show Alpha House

Monday, December 2, 2013

Amazon Prime Bashes Republicans with its new show Alpha House

It just may be time to let your Amazon Prime account expire and start using other online retailers.  Amazon's Alpha House paints Republicans and conservatives with every possible bad stereotype.  

The show is written by Gary Trudeau of Doonesbury fame, ( a leftist cartoon series) it is about four Republican Senators all living in the same house.  They are all seemingly corrupt, womanizing, pandering, low integrity idiots and of course one is gay and in denial;  which is an odd repetitive charge that liberals often make about conservatives, somehow they are all closeted, self hating gays.

The show seems to be designed to do one thing and one thing only:  Present Republicans in the worst possible light and reinforce the negative stereotypes that the media attempts to create about Republicans every day, every minute, every second.  This is a tired trope of sickening and disgusting liberal tripe.  

If amazon.com wants to alienate and demonize nearly half of the population, there are plenty of venues that working Americans can go to instead of Amazon.com.

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