90 Miles From Tyranny : Does Comcast Condone MSNBC's Extreme Leftist Views?

Friday, January 3, 2014

Does Comcast Condone MSNBC's Extreme Leftist Views?

Since January 28, 2011, Comcast has owned 51 percent of NBC Universal including MSNBC. Does Comcast condone the vile vitriol coming from MSNBC? They certainly allow this type of programming to continue while only stepping in when their hosts go so far over the line, they seemingly have no choice.
Since the CEO of Comcast donates mostly to leftist causes, we know where he stands. As other market alternatives come into the marketplace, perhaps the behavior of Comcast affiliated programming should be taken into account when choosing cable and internet providers.

Conservatives and right thinking individuals have got to account for the majority of Comcasts non-subsidized revenues as we tend to work and purchase services at full price.  

I think Comcast may have some choices to make.  The marketplace is a very competitive arena.

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