90 Miles From Tyranny : Echo1 airsoft minigun fires 3,000 rounds per minute

Monday, January 27, 2014

Echo1 airsoft minigun fires 3,000 rounds per minute

In the history of armed conflict, no one has ever had need for a 30 pound minigun that only shoots airsoft BBs, but now you can have one just in case it comes up. Not to be confused with a lesser airsoft gun, the Echo1 M134 has six spinning barrels that spit out 3,000 skin-stinging rounds per minute.
The Echo1 fires 0.20g BBs, which are only moderately dangerous. You’re not going to kill anyone, but a few thousand tiny plastic pellets being fired at high speed won’t feel good. The magazine can feed 1,700 BBs into the gun before it needs to be refilled, so you’ll only get about 30 seconds of plastic-launching fury before a reload. It also packs a giant 12v battery to power the spinning cannons.

The video above drives home the point that the Echo1 is not a toy. Don’t even bother showing up at an airsoft-related outing with this thing — no one will let you play. The Echo1 makes quick work of various glass and plastic objects, even a metal shaving cream can.
The Echo1 looks realistic, and comes with both short and long barrel attachments. Actually, it might look a little too real. Might want to be careful where you wave this thing around. That probably won’t be a concern, though. The Echo1 costs $3,495 — definitely not a mass market product.


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