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Friday, January 24, 2014

How To Keep Government Honest...

..Through Superior Firepower..

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HalfElf said...

Prior to 1934 it is safe to say the civilian militias were better armed than the US army. US weapons of the time were bolt action, and the civilian market included full auto, short barreled shotguns, and rifles, suppressors and anything else you could desire. Thompson switched from military to Law enforcement and civilian sales until the feds decided to enforce.prohibition with the AT&F agents. Most homesteads were isolated enough and lacked phone service so you were truly on your own after dark, if someone decided your cattle looked better in their meat locker.
Cibilians have always been 1 step ahead of the military markwt, because they will pay for a proven technology, and are more prone to gamble on new ways to kill, but governments are slow to adopt and adapt.
We used rifles against smoothbore muskets, and then as a government issued smoothbore muskets to the first federal armies of independent US, because they worked so well against us 1775-1781.