90 Miles From Tyranny : Which Dictator Killed The Most People?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Which Dictator Killed The Most People?

This is not really a fair list as Obama has not yet had the chance to declare martial law and begin his purge of dissenters....


  1. You are missing a huge, uncounted, demographic... the most horrendous of them... babies. And that would be inclusive of almost every government. In the US, we are up to, what, 60 million? Put that in the list and you will get a truer picture. Most nations do not even count, and even in America, the count is dubious and very low, as reporting is not mandated and some in the "industry" realize that it may, one day, be seen as a crime against humanity. Which, of course, it is.

  2. Actually, Stalin did in about 40 million.

    8 mil in the collectivization of the Kulaks and the famine that followed (why we have "ethnic Russians" there today).

    20 mil in the political purges of the 30s.

    17 mil after VJ Day, mostly in Eastern Europe.

    It would have been more, as Uncle Joe intended to finish the job Dolf started on the Jews, but Father Karl called him home.

    1. I think they don't count WWII military movements in the stats. Because China, Russia and Germany stats would all be higher. Thx for the numbers tough


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