90 Miles From Tyranny : Is It Time To Save The World Yet?

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Is It Time To Save The World Yet?

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare.

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  1. The difference between a liberal trying to save the world, and a conservative doing so, might not be easy to spot from a simple picture. But it comes down to this. A liberal will murder you to make sure others don't even think about anything but what they tell them, which will by necessity conflict with reality. And it will constantly change, which will mean even those who have surrendered reason to their idealism will perpetually be being murdered because they believe the wrong form of lies, new ones spit out faster than people can even read to make sure that anyone can be found guilty of sins against the state... all for their own good, of course.

    A conservative knows he can't change the world, other men, so will simply defend his rights, property, and person while tending what is right as he can, in his sphere, and properly. He won't go on a killing spree because that won't help him, or anyone else, save against individuals and organized groups which mean to defraud him of everything right and good. I leave death to God, and judgment, but retain the right of self-defense.

    While I don't own death, and I can't damn, I can surely know right from wrong and respond to sin. Lame as that is, it is what it is. It means we will have to take the first hit. Or we become them. Though I think they will regret that first bullet, should they make that mistake. But... freedom, as they say in truth, is not free.


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