90 Miles From Tyranny : What Happens In Countries Where They Have Banned Guns?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

What Happens In Countries Where They Have Banned Guns?

Criminals use knives and short sighted idiots start banning knives.

And Then This Happens:

Let's Ban More Things:

It Is Time To Ban Solid Food...


  1. Oh, my. You are being far to generous. Remember, Great *cough* Britain only writes a crime into their statistics after someone has not only been arrested for the crime, but the tried AND found guilty. Which means, if Scotland Yard is as good as American criminal investigators (which I highly doubt, because of politically correct quota limits and other things more heavily enforced there), only a third of murders are ever put into the statistics. So... triple, quadruple, or multiply by even more... the British number.

    Yes, gun control works, if you mean to sow chaos, mayhem, rape, and murder. Throw in forced collisions of foreign cultures and a seeming attack on the native populations through immigration and... On the other hand, I think that is exactly what their government meant to do. Same with any government which disarms it's people. The only reason they haven't out and out started slaughtering their people is because America is still free, for now.

    1. Once one of the greatest powers...now a self-inflicted wasteland of third worlders with the complict populace.


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