90 Miles From Tyranny : Leftists Are So Vapidly Ignorant And Idiotic..

Monday, August 18, 2014

Leftists Are So Vapidly Ignorant And Idiotic..

More Government = Less Liberty, Less Freedom, Less Freedom Of Speech.

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  1. I try to mention this when I see this. Those liberals who are stupid are the ones being used to push from the bottom. Their leadership is evil, and understands what this is about. Liberal anarchist leadership put out a book on how to do things. Among the methods is one that can be roughly equated as top to bottom, bottom to top. It is saber rattling from self-created peons meant to create havoc, and cause intervention, which the top then uses to squeeze not just the bottom, but everyone between the two. The goal is to cause enough fear in the middle section so that they relinquish rights for security.

    What surprises me is Americans have been highly reluctant. There has been some movement on that, due to terrorism. And, if I had to say, as with airport security, it has gone too far. When you remove realistic targeting, you eliminate the usefulness of the program. Then again, if you go purely targeted, you can also miss greatly. There is that. I still think they are randomly shooting a shotgun into the dark, without any real hope of hitting a target, to great expense and worse, the loss of rights of passengers.

    Most Americans approach such matters tentatively. They really aren't willing to give up their freedoms, mostly. It's a good thing. And it is a bit of a surprise, as indoctrinated as they are by schooling. Perhaps the education system is working more as a mild booster against such, though if so I doubt if that is on purpose. As I wrote, this isn't an accident. The stupid and the evil, high and low, collaborate to squeeze the middle. It is a method, of madness of course, but not an accident or mere stupidity. Chaos mongers...


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