90 Miles From Tyranny : I Went To A New Type Of Shooting Range Over The Weekend...

Monday, September 22, 2014

I Went To A New Type Of Shooting Range Over The Weekend...

This range had two sides: a traditional target range (which I did not get to see), and a new type of range they call "The Nexus Range", that they are developing themselves. This range uses a (as it was explained to me), rubberized screen that they project a video screen on to, essentially creating a video game out of the range. There is a limitation on the type of ammo that you can use on the rubberized screen, no hollow points, no wad cutters, (I brought my .38 special with wad cutter ammo that I had to leave out), no tracers and no incendiary(hehe).

I was pretty fun, and it was definitely different. It is a brand new system and they are still developing it, so it is not yet complete or perfect. Here are some of my observations:

- I am very accurate with my Glock 19, but I had to aim low in order to hit what I was aiming at, so they clearly still need to make some adjustments on how it registers bullet location.

- I shot my new Ruger LC9 for the first time, and I really still have no feel for the gun as you really need a paper target in order to see what the hell you are doing and to get that immediate feedback, so I would definitely not recommend this system for breaking in new guns and getting to know a new gun.

- I really liked having moving targets to shoot at, it is a type of training I normally never get.

- It was fun and it was different, this new system is a nice change of pace.

The range is in Davie Florida and here is the website: http://nexusshooting.com/


  1. That is bad ass. I'd love to take it for a spin.

  2. Heh. I bought my Glock 20 at that exact store. I've never used their range though, I go to the one at Weston Arms, a few blocks away.


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