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Monday, September 8, 2014

We Are The Thought Criminals

In England, Great Britain, The UK, whatever the name you choose to use; The land where Orwell was born, They allow their children to be raped and their elderly to be beheaded in order to not be thought criminals. Shame on you England. This is your reward for the seeds you have sown. 

Perhaps your legacy will be to have shown what is left of Western Civilization what not to do. England is the land of my father's fathers, A once proud, conquering nation reduced to the slow rot of being consumed from within. I will mourn your passing from deep within my echoed genetic memories of you.

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Doom said...

I'm actually not so sure. Orwell was a progressive. The point of the book might have been a warning. Perhaps he assumed incorrectly that there was a good sort of socialism. Either that, or he was pointing the way, propagandizing for future leaders while attempting to get the masses ready for subjugation. I don't trust progressives, of any stripe, so I am going with the latter at this time. Writers, definitely among the classics, more so recently, are very questionable people as a general rule. They see what is wrong, perhaps, but not how to fix it or what is right. The notion of greener pastures, but without a way, or will to work, to make it so. Take! Idealism solves nothing, nor do altruisms, most of which are false, and here and now have to be qualified. Steal, take, share with the poor.