90 Miles From Tyranny : Cerberus howls as Western society goes to the dogs

Monday, October 20, 2014

Cerberus howls as Western society goes to the dogs

There are many anachronisms in post-modern Western societies. No matter how obvious is the racial composition of a rampaging mob it will always be described as consisting of "youths." Irrespective of the obvious detriments of free and easy sexual relations it is still habitually described as
"empowering" for teenage girls to sleep with as many men as possible. Despite dictating terms to (and when that fails, undermining) democracies worldwide America is broadly renowned as the "land of the free."

However, perhaps, not until this pivotal moment in history has the future of mankind so genuinely been dependent upon simple rationality overcoming hyper-emotional platitudes in determining whether this formerly high expression of culture shall endure.

As most already are aware, an Ebola crisis is gradually encompassing the globe. It has been engendered by irresponsible authorities who have all but welcomed its diseased incubators with open arms.

The United States, located on a continent which until now had never known the malady, eagerly flew home not one but five infected parties. The government of Spain did likewise, again to a continent which was formerly free of the scourge. Recently the Mayor of London assured citizens this sickness with a 50% mortality rate will reach England but that it is absolutely nothing to be concerned over.

And while isolated cases do not an epidemic make, careless stupidity ensures it will presently become one.

The most chilling, and damning, aspect of the situation thus far are hysterical reactions by the affected inhabitants. No, not to the fact that in both America and Western Europe there is a virtual open door through which any terrorist, invader or Typhoid Mary may endanger millions. No, not regarding the incredibly short-sighted government policies which have provided billions of dollars for wars and revolutions ranging from Serbia to Ukraine to basically the entire Middle East while denying funds for even the most rudimentary border defenses. No, not even concerning the demonstrably false reassurances health authorities have given that the infection is ...Read The Rest HERE

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