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Sunday, December 21, 2014

An Earthship For Prepping

Long before I had even heard of the term prepping", I had always been a rugged individualist. In that I always wanted to live off-grid, with no bills and non-dependent on any person or government. Back then, I only had leftist resources like http://www.homepower.com/ for solar and off-grid living and I have watched with keen interest as the earthship movement has grown and matured.

I always knew there was an under served market for right thinking individuals like myself and it is gratifying that the internet has exposed the vast market that it is today.

I am intrigued by earthships and do consider building one for myself in the future. I do however have different criterion for an earthship than the leftists do:
  1.  I want to shower every day, twice if I feel like it.
  2.  I want big screen TV's and large refrigerators and zero compromise when it comes to power consumption.
  3.  I am willing to work hard, but I want the choice of comfort and leisure
  4.  I want to be armed to the teeth and fortify and protect my home and land.
  5.  I have zero concern for carbon footprint, carbon promotes plant growth and is NOT a pollutant.
  6. This list is hastily constructed and is not complete.

An earthship is a good start to accomplishing many of these goals for me, it is efficient and it actually grows food.

Some basic modifications to an earthship that I would make are: Much more water storage, when it rains, I want to capture every ounce of water. A fireplace, a generator, more solar panels, windmills, chicken coup, livestock, more security features.

Video of a simple earthship construction:

"Garbage Warrior" Star Constructs Off-The-Grid Earthship

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