90 Miles From Tyranny : MoveOn.org preparing million dollar ‘draft Elizabeth Warren’ campaign

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

MoveOn.org preparing million dollar ‘draft Elizabeth Warren’ campaign

At one time, it was a virtual guarantee that Hillary Clinton was a lock for the Democrats’ 2016
presidential nomination. She had the momentum, the financial backers, and the “good old days” zeitgeist that was supposed to propel her to the White House. It also doesn’t hurt that virtually every lefty on Earth owes her some kind of favor.

Now, however, some lefties are ready to retire their warhorse. For the last year-and-a-half, Hillary has been looking - for a variety of reasons - less and less viable with each passing month.

Quietly at first, then more and more loudly, Elizabeth Warren has been touted as the left-wing “new hotness” to Hillary’s “old and busted.”

This week, the fringe left made it official.  MoveOn.org is setting up shop in New Hampshire and Iowa, where it will spend upwards of a million dollars on staff and advertising designed to “draft Elizabeth Warren.”

The liberal group is poised to spend $1 million on a campaign to draft Senator Warren, the Massachusetts Democrat, into the 2016 presidential race, an indication of an appetite among some activists for a more progressive alternative to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

MoveOn.org’s executive director, Ilya Sheyman, said the group planned to open offices and hire staff in Iowa and New Hampshire, the states that kick off the presidential nominating process, and ultimately to air television ads in those states. The group will begin its push with a website, “Run Warren Run,” allowing supporters to sign a petition urging Ms. Warren to pursue a White House bid and featuring a video about her.

“We want to demonstrate to Senator Warren that there’s a groundswell of grass-roots energy nationally and in key states and to demonstrate there’s a path for her,” Mr. Sheyman said. He added that the effort was not being made in coordination with Ms. Warren and that the group advised her staff about ...
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Hillary Rodham Clinton Will Lose The Democratic Nomination For President To Another Woman...


Mr. Bee said...

Two far left progressive Presidents in a row would end America a we know it. It's been greviously wounded at this point and putting moron number two into office would finish it off completely. Which is why MOO is funding her, of course.

*Not that Hill would be much better, of course.

parascribe said...

Here's hoping the Dems are stupid enough to run her. Maybe keep Biden as VP, since that's worked out so well.