90 Miles From Tyranny : Fail, Fail, And Finally Fail...

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fail, Fail, And Finally Fail...

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  1. Man, I do know days like that. If all else fails, I hate them. Until I have lived long enough that these things too may bring... a little joy. Sometimes you just have to live a very long time to get to that point. Still, you would be surprised what tragedies can turn to grand comedy. Keep an open mind is all I will suggest.

  2. I heard ya Doom. BUT, try telling me that you can laugh WHEN most of the "Trials of Job", induced by not one but two rogue deities, become your lot. Survive it and chill out an hour, THEN you will start to wish you had a video of your poor dumb ass catching as much hell as a slow flying warbler getting stuck in a badminton game.

  3. Welcome to my world. I laughed so hard it brought tears. It is so funny because I am laughing at myself. That is the world I live in. Seems like every time I make a move it sets off an unwanted chain of events. Usually it makes me mad, until I can see someone else going through it.


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