90 Miles From Tyranny : Clinton Foundation's chickens coming home to roost in Haiti?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Clinton Foundation's chickens coming home to roost in Haiti?

It has always been apparent to me that the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation was a poorly disguised vehicle for bribery, kickbacks, and political operations, all under the guise of tax-deductible fundraising.  A veneer of do-gooderism, adopting popular racially correct causes like AIDS treatment and relief for Haitians, would suffice to denounce any queries into the real nature of the money pot as harming sacred victim groups.

But somehow or other, the usual Clinton immunity has worn off – perhaps because, as Ed Klein alleges, the Obama machine is covertly sabotaging Hillary’s attempt to seize back control of the Democratic Party.  Or maybe it is the contrast between Hillary’s screech and cackle and the mellow geniality of her husband.  Or it might just be Clinton Fatigue.  Whatever the reason, the media and activists are calling out some of the questionable practices associated with the B,H&CCF.  Consider the spectacle of Haitians picketing the New York offices of...
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