90 Miles From Tyranny : English-Speaking Obamacare Clerks Paid Half As Much As Foreigners

Thursday, June 4, 2015

English-Speaking Obamacare Clerks Paid Half As Much As Foreigners

It’s not enough that American jobs are being taken by illegals. It’s
not enough that being bi-lingual has now become a job qualification that now exempts most Americans from many jobs in our society or, at a minimum, provides a preference to a non-American. Now we learn that foreigner federal employees are being paid better as well, much better.

A group called ProEnglish, an advocate for English as our “common, unifying language, and its adoption as “the official language at all levels of government,” filed multiple Freedom of Information requests for information relating to the pay scales for Obamacare clerks at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

They discovered that once again, Americans are treated as second class citizens in their own country, with English-speaking clerks making only about half of what their Spanish-speaking counterparts are paid. Native language speakers were found to earn $12 per hour, while those classified as translators, speaking only in Spanish, were paid over twice as much, an hourly rate of $22.75 plus an additional monthly stipend of $643.

In addition to the lower pay offered to English speakers, the documents revealed that almost 12 percent of the $90 million contract went specifically to the...

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  1. The storm is coming.

  2. And you can bet every one of those English-speakers believe the Messiah would never permit such a policy if he knew about it.

  3. Yep, we're headed directly into a shit storm of epic proportions!


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