90 Miles From Tyranny : Rush Limbaugh Lampoons Hillary's Bathroom Server..

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rush Limbaugh Lampoons Hillary's Bathroom Server..

With Tuesday’s revelation that Hillary Clinton’s private email account was run from a Denver loft apartment with its servers in a bathroom closet, the Democratic Party candidate for president is suddenly aflush with all sorts of toilet humor.

Radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh recounted how the former first lady “had Secret Service agents guarding a bathroom. She told us that Secret Service agents were guarding her server 24/7. You can smell the stench of this a mile away, folks. A Mile High away!”

Limbaugh said Hillary herself is now “becoming bathroom humor,” with the jokes writing themselves, as he proffered numerous one-liners, including:

Hillary’s dump of emails is so big, we need a plunger.
Those who said Hillary didn’t give a crap about national security were dead wrong.
Hillary on the server controversy: “I ain’t no ways turd!”
Code name for her server wipe: Ty-D-Bol.
Just wiping the server [is now] bathroom humor.
Now that her server’s been found in a bathroom, when Hillary says she’s getting to the bottom of this, it takes on a whole new meaning.

And you have to wonder, if the American people won’t take this standing up or sitting down.

Given the latest news on Hillary’s server in a bathroom, her campaign’s now officially circling the drain.

Reports are that Mrs. Clinton’s server was wiped multiple times a day, and a bidet was also used for good measure.

When asked about Hillary’s email scandal, Bill Clinton candidly confessed: “Ain’t no way to polish this turd. … I have never seen Hillary so pi–ed off in my life before.”

Limbaugh concluded: “I hate to ask … where she stuck the thumb drive.”

Some WND readers are also getting in on the comedy, noting:

“The server must have been stored next to the cabinet where she keeps her Depends [adult diapers].”

“The security system which involved leaving several enormous floaters in the toilet to deter entry won’t pass muster with the FBI.”
“A crappy situation, indeed.”

“First, we kept hearing her server was in her house in Chappaqua. Now, it was kept in a bathroom closet in Denver. What is the straight poop?”

“In a ‘bathroom closet’? Sounds like the ‘Plumbers’ were involved in this one as well.”

“Oh weeee!!! Hillary and her servers are coming out of the closet.”

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2015/08/hillarys-dump-of-emails-is-so-big-we-need-a-plunger/#ow25L2IfoDi1Udpm.99

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