90 Miles From Tyranny : Obama Considers Renaming The U.S. to "The Great Satan" After Renaming Mt. Mckinley, But Trump Says, Wait A Minute!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Obama Considers Renaming The U.S. to "The Great Satan" After Renaming Mt. Mckinley, But Trump Says, Wait A Minute!

Don't change the maps yet! Donald Trump says he'll RE-rename 'Denali' back to Mt. McKinley if he's elected president.

  • Stripping William McKinley's name from America's tallest peak was a 'great insult to Ohio,' Trump tweeted
  • 'I will change [it] back!'
  • A gold prospector declared in the late 19th century that McKinley, then a presidential candidate, should have his name on the Alaskan mountain
  • Alaskans had already been referring to the peak as 'Denali' for centuries 

There will be no Denali in a Donald Trump presidency, the billionaire promised on Monday, saying that he will restore the century-old name of Mount McKinley to America's highest peak if he wins the White House.

'President Obama wants to change the name of Mt. McKinley to Denali after more than 100 years,' Trump tweeted, saying it was a '[g]reat insult to Ohio' where the late President William McKinley hailed from.

'I will change [it] back!' he pledged.

Obama made the name-change official on Monday during a visit to Alaska, stripping the 25th U.S. president of the honor and reverting the mountain to a name nomadic Alaskan tribes had traditionally used. 

Trump already has company in the anti-'Denali' camp.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a fellow Republican presidential contender, also came out against Obama's decision on Monday during a ...

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  1. Bet the president was just itching to change it to Mt. Obama. What a POS!

  2. Anybody ask what Alaskans want? Ohio has blocked Alaskan efforts to change the name BACK to Denali for over 40 years. Let Ohio rename something in their state for McKinley

    1. Amen. This is a state's rights issue, not an Obama issue. DC should not have any say in naming natural objects within the states. Call Obama a blind hog with this one. He found an acorn of rightness.

  3. I'm liking Trump more and more. I don't care about the naming, I don't care about state issues, I care about the government just leaving shit alone. Zero overstepped and that has to be fixed. Everything the man touches needs to be washed and reset.


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