90 Miles From Tyranny : 4 More Cases of Voter Fraud in America

Monday, October 5, 2015

4 More Cases of Voter Fraud in America

The 2016 election year is almost upon us, and Americans of all stripes are preparing for a drawn out political season. Republicans and Democrats will be going to the polls in droves to select their parties’ nominees—and eventually to select the nation’s most powerful political figure.

With so much on the line, the integrity of the electoral system must be ensured. Voters have to be confident that the results reflect the will of the people, or the whole democratic system is undermined.

Unfortunately, there are those who are happy to undermine it. The Heritage Foundation’s voter fraud databasedocuments nearly 300 examples of thieves and fraudsters convicted of forging absentee ballots, diluting legitimately cast votes, and effectively disenfranchising whole communities—all to serve...Read More HERE


  1. This is a sore point with me because it represents the failure of the Republicans to fight. Given that something like 70 percent of, you know, actual citizens of the US think identification should be required to vote you'd think they'd be passing laws or even start a constitutional amendment (since the POTUS is responsible for this) to that effect and then pointing out how the Donks either veto or filibuster them. If the news media won't cover it, then put it in the campaign literature. Multiply this one failure by 10 and that's how useless the Republican establishment is.

  2. And what, if anything is the RNC doing to get their consent decree overturned? You know, the one that prevents them from pursuing voter fraud in the courts.

  3. You kidding? That wouldn't stop Democrats. They'd do it and then maneuver in the courts until they found a Obama appointee and take it from there. They'd simply do it and then make the courts stop them - in a year or two. They'd set up a "private" ACORN organization and fund it via government grants. They'd put pressure on the news media oligarchs via "taxing the wealthy one percent media" bills. They wouldn't sit around on their thumbs whining "I might get in trouble" or "there's nothing we can do." Bullshit.