90 Miles From Tyranny : If Biden Enters The Presidential Race, Hillary Is TOAST.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

If Biden Enters The Presidential Race, Hillary Is TOAST.

My Prediction:

If Joe Biden enters the presidential race, Obama will unleash the (in)Justice Department on her and crucify her on her emails.

Obama wants Biden to enter the race because he hates the Clinton's.

If Biden stays out, they suppress the FBI investigation, if he enters, they set it free.


  1. A sad (FBI corruption?) but plausible theory. If it weren't for Liberals fighting amongst themselves they could take total control of America, since the GOP is not getting in their way.
    Baba @ liberalphobic.com

  2. It's not corruption except in the oval office. The FBI, like the military is under the control of the chief executive. If he's a fanatic and/or crook like Obama then everybody is screwed and it's up to the Congress to impeach him. Since, in this case, a race war would be let loose if congress did that, not to mention being pussies of the first order, he's basically dictator until the Jan20 2017. Enjoy

    1. If Little Zero were to be impeached, the BlackLivesMatter crowd might throw a fit, but black America would heave a sigh of relief.

      Don't you know protesters in Ferg called him halfa cracka? Nobody has suffered under this ignoramus as much as blacks have.

  3. The exception is, what if the Ozark Mafia has told Barry what they have on him and promise to release it if Hillary is indicted and the Choom Gang realizes they could not withstand it?

    Mutually Assured Destruction.


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