90 Miles From Tyranny : A Word Of Advice For Moribund Migrating Malefactors..

Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Word Of Advice For Moribund Migrating Malefactors..

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  1. The muzzies started coming into the last city I lived in about 20 years ago. After a while they built a mosque. Then they started buying up the little mom and pop convenience stores, 7-11's, liquor stores, motels, and then restaurants. Now there's seven mosques and they want to build a tower so they can broadcast their fucking call to prayer five times a day.

    This is how they do it, people. One step at a time. What really pissed me off was seeing them in the two biggest local gun stores buying AK's, AR's, pistols and cases of ammo.

    We are letting them in and then allowing them to buy up the local shops and then arm themselves. They in no way, shape or form are assimilating to our culture. In truth, they hate our guts. And we (me included!) just sit there and watch it happen. This is crazy.


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