90 Miles From Tyranny : The News Is Not About News Anymore...

Saturday, November 21, 2015

The News Is Not About News Anymore...


  1. The media is heavily biased to the left? That's now so well known that it actually kind of annoys me when it's pointed out. How about media critics start moving away from pointing and screeking and start analyzing WHY the media is biased and WHAT we can do about it. In the book "Conservative Insurgancy" Kurt Schlicter talks about getting rid of the fillibuster and then changing the copyright period to 10 years. That would get the addition of the multinational media companies pronto. Instanpundit also suggests "repealing the Eisenhower tax cuts" or bringing back a tax on theater tickets - and I'd add a tax on commericals while I was at it. The next thing to do would be publish the home addresses of the CEOs and largest stockholders in companies like Disney and Time Warner. You get the idea.


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