90 Miles From Tyranny : Will One America News Network, The New Conservative News Network Channel Buy Al Jazeera America?

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Will One America News Network, The New Conservative News Network Channel Buy Al Jazeera America?

The ever increasingly disappointing and anti-tea party channel Fox News may have a serious conservative competitor:

From MultiChannel News:

One America News Network (OAN) parent Herring Networks is exploring buying the shuttering Al Jazeera America to get carriage on cable systems.
"Al Jazeera America and One America News Network (OAN) launched within a few months of each other," OAN parent Herring Networks told Multichannel News. "The latest ratings information from third party Rentrak shows that One America News Network has over four times the ratings [of Al Jazeera America]. "We are inquiring about the opportunity to acquire Al Jazeera America," he said.
The idea would be to replace it with OAN and thereby secure carriage (just as Al Jazeera tried to do when it bought Al Gore's Current TV). Al Jazeera has 60.8 million subs, according to Nielsen. "We would replace with One America News Network," he said, which has "a superior brand and ratings."

Fox News Channel's owner Rupert Murdoch is pro immigration reform, which of course means pro alien invasion with no limits and screw the American worker, the American family and America, I want to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible.

Michelle Malkin, who has left Fox News as a contributor has stated: ‘My Base Is Fed Up with Fox’ News Channel, Murdoch is a  ‘Treacherous Bedfellow’.

Fox news leadership is openly hostile to both Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Fox News is quickly becoming the establishment Republican Network Channel, which we all know are traitors and Democrat collaborators.

With allies like these....




  1. Wonderful! FOX's buas gets on my nerves now that we need true "fair and balance."

  2. Conservatives need to be a hell of a lot better at selling their programs. Calling an obvious right wing news channel the "One America News Network" is ridiculously "on the nose".


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