90 Miles From Tyranny : Animal Abuser April Foster Charged with Hitting Police Horse in Kansas City

Monday, March 21, 2016

Animal Abuser April Foster Charged with Hitting Police Horse in Kansas City

April Foster, a woman protesting outside a Donald Trump rally last weekend in Kansas City, was arrested on charges of striking a police horse.

From the Kansas City Star:

Kansas City police arrested a woman accused of slapping a police horse outside a Donald Trump rally last weekend shortly before officers released pepper spray on a crowd of protesters.

April J. Foster, 29, was arrested about 5 p.m. Friday in the 9200 block of Ward Parkway and charged with abuse of a police service animal. Foster was later released after posting a $500 bond and is scheduled to appear in Municipal Court on May 4.

Police had been searching for the woman who hit the horse.

The horse, named Dan, was hit while...
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  1. I'm glad she is being punished, just because I hate hippies and leftist trash. But seriously. I doubt the horse even noticed.

  2. She's a HE. Google his name and look for the gateway pundit post.

  3. The people protesting Trump, think he is intolerant. Yet many of protesters are the most intolerant people around.

  4. Why did the police wait so long before pepper-spraying the crowd? Did they think they'd peacefully and immediately leave or something?

    Donald Trump is an unlikely threat to our Republic. He's having fun and will likely go along with a persuasive argument and what makes sense. He's not my choice in the primary (Senator Ted Cruz is), but I think I could live with him as President.

    As for what's-her-name, I trust she'll receive the appropriate sentence, if judges want to be protected by the sheriffs who work in their courtrooms as the bailiffs.


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