90 Miles From Tyranny : Guess who’s coming to dinner as Obama’s latest anti-American?

Monday, March 7, 2016

Guess who’s coming to dinner as Obama’s latest anti-American?

President Barack Obama spent more than the past seven years flagrantly dissing America.  Now that’s he’s passing his mantle on to Hillary Clinton, Obama is using willing surrogates and satellites from outside of America to do his dissing for him:

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is coming to President Barack Obama’s State Dinner as an open and fully-fledged anti-American.

With only 39 percent of the popular vote when top members of Obama’s campaign team helped bring him into power on October 19, Trudeau now claims to speak for all Canadians when he says “Canadians would appreciate it if Americans paid more attention to what’s going on around the globe”.

This is what happens when Canadians are too busy trying to get by in an economy where the Canadian dollar (Worth .75 American) is the weakest it’s been for the past 13 years.

Trudeau, who has no need to go after main street Americans who have been no bother to him,  said in a ’60 Minutes’ interview to be aired tonight that “it might be nice if they paid a little more attention to the world” in a transcript released to the Associated Press on Thursday.

American citizens, who will be paying the freight for what has been described as a “glitzy”, “sparkly” State Dinner on March 10, can legitimately say that their most recent enemy is coming to dinner at the White House.

It seems that the Canadian lib-left have resented being ignored by America:
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