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Friday, April 29, 2016

Bill Nye Totalitarian Guy...


  1. Wrong. Those who "oppressed" Galileo where his employers, who he was ridiculing for no good reason. Galileo was a jerk, who was allowed to think or write anything, scientifically, until he started bashing God, the church (his employers), and others for truly no reason other than because he was a snide academic with a god complex. Nye supports a state being able to persecute people he believes, I guess, are owned by the state. The state has no ownership or such over citizens, their employ, and certainly not their thoughts, only some duty to keep the peace. Except Nye and his nasty type want both to be a slave and to make the rest of us slaves. As only slaves must submit. And, in the past, never have slaves had to submit their thoughts, only their physical duty and some expectation of fealty. These types are worms and want us all to be worms.

    Is he gay? That would explain a lot of it. Or on drugs heavily? I wonder if he knows what the state does with lap dogs when it is done with them?

  2. Hey! Bill Nye is an authority on science! I think he read a book once, on alchemy or astrology or something!


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