90 Miles From Tyranny : Col. Ralph Peters On How The Military Should Operate...

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Col. Ralph Peters On How The Military Should Operate...

By Breaking Things And Killing People..


  1. Yeah, with some enemies, it really never will be about hearts and minds. I don't think ISIS and such have hearts or minds of the type that can be reached... without a .223 to .50, if 7.62x51 is my favorite. The only hearts and minds that can affect the war on such people are American hearts and minds. It's a hard sell though, and it ought to be. But it should be being sold well, and the war should be being run correctly... neither of those are happening, and to and end that we will greatly regret. I don't care if Berlin, Paris, Brussels, or some other European capital or major city burns. In some ways I don't even mind if D.C., Chicago, NYC, or a group of them go. However, the price, in all ways, will be huge. Best to make sure that doesn't happen, trust me.

    I do, generally, agree with the Lt. Col. I think he's a good egg, and a doer not a lamenut thinker. But he does think, too.

  2. With the eighth century mindset of the jihadi you have to treat them by eighth century rules not 21st Century rules


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