90 Miles From Tyranny : Hillary! What Are You Doing?

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hillary! What Are You Doing?

You've seen the sick little game the demon rats are playing, they find a picture of a Republican where their hand is in a certain position and they claim they are performing a hail hitler salute. Not only morally corrupt, these radical leftists are dishonest and intellectually devoid of any ability to honestly debate the issues. 

Despite the fact that Hitler was a socialist, an anti-capitalist and anti-christian, he was a fascist just like the totalitarian, radical left in America are today. 

The monolithic leftist media are aligning their messaging as they repeat their currupt mantra that attempts to paint the opponents of their radical leftist agenda as dangerous, scary fascists as they inject their sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle messaging to evoke some Pavlovian fear response in their readers. The leftist media in America is so vast, that they are able to practice a death from a million cuts strategy to bleed their opponents to death.

As the left approaches their goal line of complete radical change of American culture, they will pull out all the stops to avoid making America great again, they will become more dangerous, more desperate, more corrupt, and sink to any depth to complete their cultural revolution of America. 

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