90 Miles From Tyranny : You Soon Won't Be Able To Own A Dog...

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

You Soon Won't Be Able To Own A Dog...

Sharia Law and the US Constitution are not compatible.
They cannot co-exist.
Stop this now for your grandchildren.


  1. If this happens in my town I am grabbing my GoPro and my dog for a walk every day in this part of town.

  2. I googled that, it is from the UK. Looked like it is false.

  3. Not that I don't agree with you as far as "Stop this now" is concerned, but this looks like a hoax. If you try to go to the website listed on the bottom of the page, it goes nowhere. Snopes is also seeing this as a falsie.

  4. There seems to be some discussion on whether or not this is legit.
    Whether it is or not, it is not beyond the realm of possibility.
    Wherever cities are dominated by muslims, they always seek to impose sharia law.
    I doubt they would actually be so considerate as to ask you not to, they would simply harass and intimidate you into taking your dog elsewhere.

  5. My dogs are the reasons I am not sitting on death row waiting to get the needle in Huntsville. I guarantee you, if this law was to pass, then the people who demanded it, would not have to worry about Shari Law.


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