90 Miles From Tyranny : I Wonder If They Died....

Saturday, November 26, 2016

I Wonder If They Died....

More Animated Gifs:

New NSA Anti Tea Party Weapon...

Wrong Wire Faisel

That's Gotta Hurt...

Can You Say, Adrenaline Rush?

I Know There Is A Sun Tzu Quote In Here Somewhere..

It's A Drive Thru Now..

Roof Surfing Fail..

..and don't miss:


  1. There's plenty of concrete evidence to suggest that they died.

  2. No breathing, no pulse, no reflexive responses, the whole nine yards.

  3. The fire department that I worked for responded to a similar accident. Yes, the guy in the car died. In fact, it happened so fast that he the cigarette he had just taken out of the package was still in his hand.


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