90 Miles From Tyranny : Shia Labeouf's 3rd attempt at #HeWillNotDivideUs Gets Defeated In Less Than 2 Days!

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Shia Labeouf's 3rd attempt at #HeWillNotDivideUs Gets Defeated In Less Than 2 Days!

Shia Labeouf just can’t catch a break can he? His first attempt at setting up a 24/7, 4-year livestream was abandoned by the Museum of the Moving Image after barely a month. The museum cited Shia’s arrest after he allegedly assaulted a Trump supporter, but others speculate it was the growing number of people that threatened to report the museum for violating their tax exemption status by banning Trump supporters from the installation. LaBeouf then relocated it to a Holocaust museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico but that was also quickly shut down in less than two weeks after shots were fired near the site.

Less than two days ago at the time of writing, HWNDU was rebooted again. This time, LaBeouf and his partners gave up on turning their art project into a public spectacle, opting instead on pointing their camera at the sky towards a white flag with the words “HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US” at an undisclosed location. It wasn’t as exciting as the last two attempts and the white flag may have symbolized their surrender of control over their project. Surely a camera pointed at a plain black and white flag with an inconspicuous patch of sky in the background would deter the evil Milk Drinking Nazis.

They were wrong. They were dead wrong.

Users from 4chan and 8ch that have been following the HWNDU saga were not going to just let Shia win. LaBoeuf has his millions. They had their collective autism. The world’s largest game of Capture The Flag was about to begin.

Within hours, viewers of the rebooted stream noticed trails left by overhead planes coming into view of the camera. One viewer was able to look up the flight paths of planes flying over the country at that time and triangulate a possible location. However, the area was still several acres large and the triangulation could not give a precise enough location for the flag.
Immediately, someone in the area hopped into their car and drove around honking as they went. When the honks were heard on the stream, the driver returned and reported their location at the time the honks were picked up by...
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