90 Miles From Tyranny : Capitalism Is The Cure For Poverty...

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Capitalism Is The Cure For Poverty...

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  1. Couldn't get to the vid. Checked various places. It's either down or behind something-something.

    While I can't comment on the video, I can comment on the title. Truth is, capitalism is the only cure for poverty. Which... is why they are trying to shut poverty down. Socialism, imperialism, communism... they all create poverty which works for big business right up until the state takes that over and drives it into the ground. The first and last are meant to become the last and then murder as many people as possible. Which is as the elites want it, at this point. Some think it means they will get to keep their wealth, the politicians believe they will get to take over. And, while it will all fall, perhaps they will be dead before it hits. Few genocidal rulers have ever been tried and given real justice. Atheists, or those who play that game, don't count God or hell as parts of the game.

    Socialists truly do hate all other humans, and will do anything to increase their misery and murder any who want to believe in the Truth (God), in objective truths and laws, in rights for men (other men), etc. They are actually suicidal, just too cowardly to murder themselves. They want to take as many with them as possible, especially ones who they know to be good.


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