Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Playboy Model Infuriates Tribe by Taking Nude Selfie at Sacred Volcano

One Man's Mountain Is Another Man's Paradise....

A Playboy model who stripped and posted a photograph of herself naked on social media while visiting a sacred volcano in New Zealand has been accused by local indigenous people of “disrespecting” the mountain.

Jaylene Cook, 25, (pictured) caused an outcry after taking the nude photograph in temperatures of just 12F near the top of Mount Taranaki and putting it on Instagram.

She said she and her photographer boyfriend were aware of the mountain’s significance before hiking up there and made sure they avoided its 8,300 ft summit.

Local Maori attach great importance to the mountain, situated on the North Island.

According to the New Zealand government website “The crater and summit is the sacred head of Taranaki, the rocks and ridge are his bones, rivers his blood and plants and trees are his cloak and offer protection from...Read More Here

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