Saturday, July 1, 2017

Terry McAuliffe Again Obstructs Efforts to Investigate Voter Fraud

The decision by Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe (D.) not to cooperate with a White House commission examining voting processes in federal elections comes after a year in which the governor circumvented the commonwealth's supreme court to restore voting rights for convicted felons and stalled efforts by the Virginia legislature to fight voter fraud.

McAuliffe announced on Thursday evening he has "no intention of honoring" a request for publicly available voter data made by the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, which was established through a May executive order and is being led by Vice President Mike Pence.

McAuliffe stated in his rejection that there is "no evidence" of voter fraud in Virginia, and that the "only irregularity in the 2016 presidential election centered around Russian tampering." He also stated his belief that the commission was set up as a "tool to commit...Read More HERE


  1. oh good grief... if there is "no evidence of voter fraud" why would you be afraid of an audit??
    if "the only irregularity in the 2016 presidential election centered around Russian tampering" would an independent audit possably provide support that charge??
    I live in Virginia and have to deal first hand with the nonsense the carpet bagging McAuliffe dishes out. I cannot wait for the last day of his term and pray he does not seek national office.

  2. Not a smidgen of corruption, except illegal aliens and dead voters.