90 Miles From Tyranny : MUTINY ON THE POTOMAC

Saturday, August 5, 2017


The world is witnessing a political mutiny that is unprecedented in the annals of American history. Donald Trump was duly and overwhelmingly elected President of the United States on Tuesday November 8, 2016. He received the votes of almost 63 million Americans, the highest total ever for a Republican Party presidential candidate. Through a remarkably targeted campaign, he won electoral votes in 31 states, destroying his opponent in the Electoral College. For any other President, his opponents would have given him a “honeymoon,” and allowed his administration to get started and implement his agenda.

Trump has been the subject of an unrelenting and unparalleled number of deceitful attacks from his disgruntled opponents

Unfortunately, these traditional American political norms do not apply to Donald Trump. Despite his legitimate victory, Trump has been the subject of an unrelenting and unparalleled number of deceitful attacks from his disgruntled opponents. Immediately after his victory, a sinister network of deep state operatives, Obama holdovers in the bureaucracy, “Never Trump” Republicans, Democrats, and biased liberals in the media joined forces to achieve one goal, overturning the election results.

The reason this corrupt cabal is trying to invalidate the will of the American people is that President Trump’s agenda is a severe threat to their livelihoods. The “sultans of the status quo” view the President’s plan to put “America First” and “Drain the Swamp,” as a call to political arms and a battle for...Read More Here


  1. Hey Mike;

    I touched on this in the past. If the establishment is successful in shanking Trump and invalidating an election. This is to a lot of people a last chance to right the ship of state and if their will is thwarted because the democrats are having a temper tantrum over the loss. A lot of people will bow out of the election process and when people believe that they no longer have a say in the present system, bad things will happen.

  2. Proof ALL politicians put their personal gain ahead of the will of the American public. This is a fact that's been around for decades if not centuries, but this is the occasion where it has come to light. As the previous commenter stated: "Bad things will happen". Sadly, not to the corrupt politicos but the American public.


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