90 Miles From Tyranny : Most Americans Reject Leftists’ Assault on Columbus Day

Friday, October 6, 2017

Most Americans Reject Leftists’ Assault on Columbus Day

Although 57 percent of Americans believe in celebrating Columbus Day, the late explorer Christopher Columbus is in the crosshairs of liberals again, more than 511 years after he died.

Among those targeting the late, great Italian navigator are Antifa and left-wing intellectuals, as well as the liberal governments of several U.S. cities who no longer acknowledge Columbus on his holiday, which is this coming Monday.

The violent partisans at Antifa have named Monday "Deface Columbus Day," hoping to see acts of vandalism against Columbus statues.

The famed Italian explorer stirs leftist passions primarily because of traditional hatred of Western culture. The Italian navigator and discoverer, a vaunted legend to many Italian-Americans, and Americans in general, was hired by the Spanish crown in 1492 to find a new route to Asia. Instead...Read More HERE

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Doom said...

You write "most", I suggest "real". Real Americans reject the assault on Columbus and the day to honor him. Now mlk jr.day. Change that back to celebrating a real American.