90 Miles From Tyranny : The Tyranny of the Oppressed and of Minorities

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Friday, November 3, 2017

The Tyranny of the Oppressed and of Minorities

Half of the U.S. population believes that it is a good idea and high time that our country became socialist, on the way to communism. We are told ad nauseam by the highly organized Marxist left that the other communist countries that failed so miserably, oppressed their own people, and killed millions of them, failed because they did not do it the right way. What this “right way” is, nobody really understands or can even attempt to explain. But they repeat it because it sounds right and progressively utopian.

The communist tree planted in this country is finally bearing fruit and these fruits are toxic and poisonous to our Constitutional Republic

They have carefully listened day and night to the propaganda coming from the labor unions, teacher unions, the academia indoctrinating college students, public school indoctrinating mills, Hollywood movies and immoral starlets who make millions and pretend to be paragons of virtue and knowledge, the main stream media indoctrination, the socialist Democrat Party and its race-baiting members, and NFL players who make millions while pretending to fight for social justice, code word for communism.

It will be interesting to see moronic football players lose their millions and lavish lifestyles while adhering to the communist-dictated equal pay across the board, regardless of effort, talent, training, skill, or education. Living in a two-bedroom apartment made of cinder blocks, without an expensive car and a huge bank account should teach them humility at the barrel of a gun held by the agents of daddy omnipotent government they so desire.

But none are as destructive to our society as the Democrat script readers of the main stream media, pretending to be journalists, graduates of the indoctrinating mills in our many colleges and universities around the country. The pretend-journalists continue the communist indoctrination that started in kindergarten, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools in every state many decades ago.

The communist tree planted in this country is finally bearing fruit and these fruits are toxic and poisonous to our Constitutional Republic. These rotten fruits want to destroy and replace our Constitution, socially-engineer our demographics, black or white, by allowing any enemy into our country through open borders, and fundamentally changing our society by fascistic means.

I described in my book, Echoes of Communism, what life was like living under communism for twenty years. I have not made any converts though, even among my high school and college students; on the contrary, ever more young people think that how Scandinavian people live is the best – socialism for all. After all, aren’t they supposed to be the happiest people on earth? I was told this recently by a naïve young lady with bright blue eyes. I asked her if that is true, how come Sweden pays such confiscatory taxes and has been taken over by Islam and has become the rape capital of the world? How is that happiness?

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