90 Miles From Tyranny : Clintons Have Been Using the FBI Against Their Enemies for Years

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Clintons Have Been Using the FBI Against Their Enemies for Years

Remember in 1993 when 400 FBI confidential files on Reagan and Bush appointees turned up in the White House?

It has all the elements of a polarizing scandal, with none other than Hillary Clinton at center stage — plus highly sensitive confidential documents, unexplained actions involving the FBI, and allegations that federal investigators were weaponized for partisan political purposes.

No, this is not the infamous Christopher Steele dossier containing multiple allegations about Donald Trump’s relationships with shadowy Russian business tycoons and spies. Nor is it about the Steele dossier’s deceitful use by rogue FBI executives to put campaign operatives for the 2016 Republican presidential nominee under official surveillance.

That Hillary Clinton/FBI scandal began just last year.

The Hillary Clinton/FBI scandal described in the lead paragraph above began in 1993, only months after she and husband Bill began what turned out to be an eight-year residency in the White House. You see, Bill and Hillary Clinton’s use of the FBI for political gain is nothing new.

Here’s how the Weekly Standard summarized the Clintons’ 1993 “Filegate” scandal when it became the focus of a special counsel investigation in 1996:
The good news is that Whitewater special counsel Kenneth Starr is now looking into the circumstances under which the Clinton White House improperly secured and reviewed highly confidential background information from the FBI on more than 400 Reagan- and Bush-administration employees. A full accounting of this atrocious invasion of privacy may eventually become public.

But the bad news is that, in the meantime, the whole story is being set up to disappear. A separate FBI analysis of the “Filegate” caper has now been released. It is highly critical of the entire enterprise — which seems to have victimized 71 more individuals than had previously been identified.

But the FBI inquiry does not address the question of White House conduct. Were Clinton’s aides on a dirt-digging expedition? Those aides continue to maintain, in the president’s words, that ‘it was just an innocent bureaucratic snafu’: computer glitches and procedural carelessness, with no malign intent and no disclosure of personal information.

In short: no harm, no foul.
That’s long been the Clinton pattern — laws bent, broken or ignored, political opponents smeared, self-righteous protests of innocence when exposed, trusting supporters used and abused, and endless obfuscations, often punctuated by artless evasions, such as Hillary’s bemused response when...Read More HERE

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matism said...

Treason. And there is an appropriate punishment for same.

"Law Enforcement" and the "Legal" system - and their families - had better understand that when there is no Rule of Law, it works both ways.